[BIG BROTHER] Real doesn’t always constitute to being ‘nice’

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[BIG BROTHER] This seems like old times

Big Brother 2013 logoBig Brother 2013 has arrived, with a never-before-seen launch night split over two consecutive days and a whole host of new faces to keep us entertained through what is promised to be a very wet Summer.

Emma Willis now fronts the main show, and is doing a fantastic job whilst looking A-MAZING!

90.73% of the housemates chosen this year seem genuine from the outset for the first time in a while, and we finally have a wide age range – something die-hard fans have been requesting for years.

We could be back to the days of Big Brother at its best, and this season certainly has all the ingredients to make one of the greatest yet. This is exactly how Big Brother should have launched on Channel 5 two ‘normal’ seasons ago.

Glamour models, sugar daddies, mothers, daughters and fisherwomen are just a few of those in one of the UK’s most famous compounds.

Did I mention Michael the mole? For the first time ever, Big Brother has hired an actor to go into the house to play “the people’s puppet”. He will make decisions and act in the house according to how the public votes on a series of polls, which have already seen him pretend to shred a majority of the housemate’s suitcases, and bitch about his housemates in the diary room whilst saving the second night’s entrants cases.

Michael’s latest mission involves nominating the first three housemates for eviction, and those three housemates will be chosen by none other than the viewing public. (Remember – whilst you may dislike someone’s personality, it doesn’t take away from them being an entertaining housemate!)

What hasn’t been specified is the amount of time Michael will spend in the house. Some of his fellow housemates already seem to have twigged that he may be on some sort of secret task or mission and so it’ll be interesting to see how the Big guy will deal with any potential rumblings, and just exactly how long he’s going to stick around for.

Disappointing news however comes in the form of first launch night ratings, which saw just over 2 million tuning in – the lowest ever for a Big Brother UK launch.

That being said, there are high hopes that the season will continue to reel in fans who may have drifted away from the show, and hopefully figures will only go up from here on in.

Shoutout to Rylan Clark and AJ Odudu for doing a great job on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. I wish my teeth were that shiny…

So, who are your early favourites, and who do you hope gets the boot first? Let me know in the comments below!

Jackie Big Brother


Me? Catch the second episode of BBBOTS and check out Jackie’s dancing moves. Then you’ll understand why I’m currently rooting for her to win.

-Daniel Falconer


[TRAVEL] My trip to The States

It’s extremely difficult to describe just how brilliant the mountains of Nevada are, so take a moment to picture this scene: you’re gliding down a snowy mountain in the USA with just a pair of skis attached to your feet and two ski poles for support.  The wind’s blowing in your goggle-wrapped and fluffy hat wearing face, and whilst it’s supposedly bitterly cold, the sun is beating down on you managing to keep you completely safe and warm. It’s a complete contrast, but utterly wonderful. Everyone around you seems to be falling over, but you’re the pro of the pack, nothing can slow you down! “Wahoo!” you scream in exhilaration! Then bam, you’re face first in the snow, but it doesn’t matter, you’re having one of the best days of your life.

This was my routine for a total of five days with a group of around 12, made up entirely of my friends and colleagues. “Good job Daniel, you’re almost ready to move up to the next level of skiing!” Ok, so I may have exaggerated a tad earlier with my ‘pro status’ – I was in the least able group out of all of those that we’d been assigned to, and we were sticking with some of the less challenging slopes available, but I’d certainly progressed from day one where I almost forgot to take some gloves with me to the slopes, so who cares?

Sierra Ski Resort, the place we’d chosen to spend our time had something to offer absolutely everybody, from newcomers like me to the seasoned skiing experts looking for something a little more daring.

Instructors with some of the greatest accents to ever grace my ears put all of us at ease right from the get go, and everybody was extremely patient whilst some of us struggled to get to grips immediately with what we were doing, making sure no-one would be left straggling behind of the pack. Value for money is something that the company felt a great need to deliver – and they sure as hell did their job. Not only that, but they truly immersed themselves with our groups. They didn’t just teach us then go home; they took the time to get to know each and every one of us and joined us for meals on regular occasions.

The five days went far too quickly, and I promised myself in that moment of rushing down the mountain that I would return one day for a longer period to experience the thrills once more.

For the final two days of my journey, I travelled to San Francisco where I was greeted with what I have been told was some of the snowiest weather they’d had that year, which unfortunately resulted in us being late for a bus and ferry ride to the infamous Alcatraz. I never did get to see the inside of the prison, and I remain to this very second bitterly disappointed!

Luckily we had other ideas for the rest of the day, and decided on doing something I’d wanted to do ever since I first saw the amazing piece of construction – we walked the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate B

“That water’s shark-infested” one of my companions told me. I didn’t doubt it for a second – it looked murky, deep and absolutely freezing cold. I certainly didn’t have any plans to go for a dip any time soon.

Hordes of excited people seemingly flocked to the bridge, just to walk across it and take photos with the grand structure, and I happily joined in, feeling like a child who was opening his first present on Christmas Day.

As the sun set, I looked out over the depths and caught a glimpse of Alcatraz. How strange, I thought to myself, that people now willingly go to this island bursting with excitement and wonder when just a short time ago, anyone going there thought that they would never see a way back (only two men were patrolled back out into the real world!), and were rarely given a chance to even speak to one another. How times change.

We made it to the other side  of the bridge slowly yet steadily, taking in every moment, then made our way back to our hotel for a quick rest before our final day before we had to go home. It had come far too quickly, and I was dreading the 12 hour journey.

With our last few hours, we did what most people love to do when they go on holiday – shop, shop, shop! Prices were cheap at the time, and I found myself in indulging in much more than was really necessary (did I REALLY need a Calvin Klein wallet?) Time flew, and before I knew it, it was time to depart.

I hate goodbyes, and this was one of the worst I’ve experienced, but I knew immediately that the trip as a whole would definitely stay with me forever. America was a mystery to me when I first set out on my adventure, but it now truly held a little piece of my heart which it will keep forever. I cannot wait to get back there again and experience just a chunk more of the multitude of things the country has to offer.

[MUSIC REVIEW] LOTDMG (Leaders of the Dreamers)

The Leaders of the Dreamers live by one motto.

We “Live Only To Die”, so

We “Live Out The Destiny”,

in “Life, Opportunity, Trust & Desire” because

We are the “Leaders Of The Dreamers”

This four-piece group, made up of Ronnie Eriic, Charlie Sky, Martez and Sayso all come from different walks of life, bringing together their unique accents and flows to create some brilliant tunes. Continue reading

[SINGLE REVIEW] Benjamin Johnson – Everything

London-based singer-songwriter Benjamin Johnson is currently recording for his first E.P, due to be released at the end of 2012. With his latest single Everything, Benjamin hopes to drum up some hype and gain extra exposure before the big release.

His lyrics are powerful when linked with his tone and style which are undeniably unique, but not necessarily something I feel I would personally take the time out to listen to. The passion in his voice is clear, and he says of his own music: “Each track depicts a poignant moment during the year that I sacrificed my music for love. I want the audience to revisit that place where I was at when writing, feel what I was feeling, and go on that journey I took, which I hope many can relate to.”

His latest single, Everything is available free to download on Soundcloud and he tells me a new track is around the corner. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

[ALBUM REVIEW] Adam Lambert – Trespassing

Adam Lambert may be ‘just’ the runner-up of one of the world’s most talked about talent shows, American Idol, but he is far from a second grade pop star. In his latest offering, Trespassing, he delivers one of the best male pop albums of all time, full of exciting dance tracks and a display of some show stopping vocal technique. Adam is not just a man who knows how to put a song together – he can actually sing too! No need for auto tune here. Continue reading